Golden Waters

What do we offer?


Golden Waters has a Factions server where you can create armies and forge alliances! Grief is allowed on this server so you can have intense wars to your heart's content. Specific rules can be found on our rules page.


Golden Waters has a semi vanilla anti-grief survival server, with anti-grief plugins that allow players to claim their land, and staff to rollback grief and theft. We also have other plugins that add more to the server such as an economy, teleportation to other players, homes, and more!


Golden Waters has a minigames server with many different pvp opportunities such as sumo-style pvp, arena-style pvp, and duel-style pvp. We also have TNT run! More minigames will be added in the near future!


Golden Waters has a creative plot world that allows players to claim their own plot to build on. Each player is able to claim one plot but you can get more by donating!


Golden Waters has an off-network anarchy server known as Aquarius where there are no rules and anything is allowed! Join with the IP

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Coming Soon!